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chocolat-passion fragolamacaronpic ruby1

I first tried Obolo‘s macarons over Christmas last year when one of Dad’s friends came over to visit and brought a box of them as a gift.

Usually, I find that I can only eat one macaron at a time cos even though I have a sweet tooth, they can be a bit much for me.

But not Obolo’s macarons.  I had TWO that night – which is a BIG thing.  A GOOD thing.  I hurriedly googled them the same night and found that they have a really pretty website with lots of yummy pictures of their offerings.  Must check out their Cheesecake pics! =d

So anyway, I do think Obolo has the best macarons you can find in Singapore and they’re the perfect 1st date/1st Valentine’s gift.

Chocolat-Passion & Ruby (shown above) are my favourites, but I haven’t tried all their flavours yet, so I’m ‘keeping my options open’.  Haha!

And for Valentine’s 2009, Obolo’s has created a new macaron flavour – Fragola, a strawberry and banana buttercream macaron.  I’m not a big fan of banana, so I’m not sure about the strawberry and banana combination…  If you try it, do let me know how it works out. =)

Obolo’s macarons are at S$1.80 per piece and also comes in boxes of 8 (S$14.40) and 15 (S$27).

Obolo is at 452 Joo Chiat Road.


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sale: nantaka joy

Nantaka Joy "Things to Note" Notebooks

Nantaka Joy "Things to Note" Notebooks

Today only! 

Oh Joy!‘s online shop Nantaka Joy is having a “buy one, get one free” sale!  My favourites are the cards and notebooks from the color story range.  Pretty!

Welcome Baby Card







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Chinese New Year Card found on Etsy - BrightStarStudio

Handmade Chinese New Year Card found on Etsy - BrightStarStudio

Yay! WHeeeee!!!  WOOHOOO!!!!!!

The long weekend has started!  I can’t wait to dive into pineapple tarts, prawn crackers, love letters and bak kwa!!! =D *YUM YUM YUM*

On top of all my plans to binge on good food starting this weekend, I also want to get started on something that I hope to sell on Etsy, so fingers crossed for me! *cross cross cross*

See you back after Tuesday! Heehee!


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A few years back, I bought some handmade soaps online.  I’m usually icky about bar soaps cos I’m so used to liquid soap now… but I’ll never forget how luxurious the soaps were and how soft my skin felt after using them that I’ve put the icky hurdle aside. *MMMmmmm*

I don’t remember where I got them from anymore, but I recall shipping was really expensive back then (the soaps were from USA).

Today, I found some prettily marbled handmade shea butter soaps from Etsy seller copperlilly!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cocoa Butter Soap - Limited Edition

White Chocolate Raspberry Cocoa Butter Soap - Limited Edition

Shea butter is a substance made from the nuts of karite nut trees.  It is a moisturizer and emollient and is also known as an anti-inflammatory agent – shea butter has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, eczema, dandruff, and even stretch marks!

But the best thing about copperlilly’s soaps is that unrefined shea butter is used.  Why is unrefined shea butter great?  Cos it retains all its natural vitamins, especially vitamins A and E.  Stuff really good for the skin.

And there are up to 16 scents to choose from!  I’d love to try these scents: Almond Champagne, Vanilla Nut, Sparkling Ginger Fizz… the list goes on, and I can’t decide! =P

Copperlilly’s soaps retail at US$6.  After shipping, they can come up to quite an amount, costing almost S$14 per bar.  Thankfully, you can select up to 6 different scented soap bars (between 5 and 5.5 oz) and combine them into a multi-pack.  This would eventually work out to an estimated S$10 per bar of soap (inclusive of shipping).

Anyone interested to share the multi-pack of 6 with me? =)

Check out more of copperlilly’s pretty shea butter soaps:

Raspberries and Cream Shea Butter Soap

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Need an online street directory?

Ever since www.streetdirectory.com got shut down, I’ve been using google maps to find directions/locations.

It’s ok, but not great.  I especially hate how I can’t get rid of those markers popping all over the maps which match (sometimes remotely) what I searched.

But, now all my directional problems have been solved, thanks to Mr C!  He introduced this GREAT new online Singapore street directory – www.gothere.sg

Now click here to go there! Heehee!

Us, the lost people are saved! =D

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Swallows represent loyalty, fidelity and true love because they will choose a single mate for life and will only nest with that bird and no other.

At knitrovert‘s etsy shop, I found this sweet piece:

As if you didnt know Necklace from knitrovert

"As If You Didn't Know" Necklace

The oxidized brass charm pendant reads: Je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.  How romantic! =D

*missing Mr C. loads right now*

The 19-inch necklace retails for US$18 (inclusive of shipping) – approximately S$28. 

I think its a great deal. =)

Check out knitrovert’s other pretty pieces:

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