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design my kitchen


So I was surfing around to get ideas for the upcoming renos and I found my way to 2 great sites to get inspired for kitchen reno ideas!

Presenting, The Kitchen Designer and Desire To Inspire (other rooms are featured too!)

Stuff I love from the websites:

Panelled walls

copper pans

blue backsplash

blue backsplash

etched cabinetry

etched cabinetry

more etched cabinetry

more etched cabinetry

a little country living

a little country living

id love to have fresh flowers on the counter everyday

i'd love to have fresh flowers on the counter everyday

Who doesn’t love white kitchens?

Now if only our kitchen was bigger, oh the things I’d do to it.

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etsy project update II


To Dos:

  • Create at least 6 items for listing  3 completed!
  • Design cookiefleur.etsy stamp
  • Get stamp manufactured
  • Design packaging for products
  • Source for packaging materials
  • Complete packaging
  • Photograph items and packaging
  • Design etsy shop banner
  • Open etsy shop

I got my stamp made yesterday (sourced around – $35, then $28, and lastly $22! more than $10 off the 1st quote.  Heng ar).  It’ll be ready for collection in 3 days time and I can’t wait to see how it’ll look on paper. =)

I also found a suitable template for the box to contain the brooch/hairclip/haircomb and what follows will be modding it a little to include the cookiefleur logo somewhere on it.  Also, I need to find pretty card stock to get them made.

I’m on track. =)

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Nienie Dialogues is the blog of one Stephanie Nielson.  And what a wonderful woman she is.  Mother to 4 lovely children, she was involved in a terrible plane crash and is now still a recovering burn victim.  It’s painful, sad and inspiring all at the same time reading her blog.  But how I look forward to reading about how she’s undergone another successful surgery and about how she’s decidedly un-selfpitying through these trying times.

I don’t quite remember how I chanced upon her blog, but it was sometime in Nov last year and definitely a result of link-surfing… Anyway, this was the entry that started it all for me: Click here for a wonderful account of a humid summer night spent with her kids staring at stars.

Nienie (as she is affectionately known) is also a super crafter/home decorater.  She was Cookie Magazine – Nesting Blog’s best home in 2008! I’m really inspired by how she decorated her home – see it here.  It’s warm, inviting and feels like a home.  Not a showroom-type of house.  But a real home.  The kind that makes you want to snuggle up.


I read NieNie.


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I still have not heard when Coraline will be screening in Singapore.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

Being quite a fan of Neil Gaiman, I’ve read both the novel and the graphic novel.  Watching the stop-motion film would complete it.  Ahhhh…

Please come soon. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Go to www.coraline.com to watch the awesome trailers and explore the world of Coraline.

Do check out the awesome ABC Coraline posters here!

And I’m super envious!  Some very (VERY!) lucky peeps from Singapore (SINGAPORE!) received the super sought after Coraline box (only 50 boxes worldwide!) and button box(!!!) – see TOYSREVIL’s CORALINE BOX 23/50 and Coraline Button Box in Singapore .

I would die for Box 15/50.

And try out this nifty tool to button your eyes.

I’m actually getting more and more excited as I post this entry.  Hahaha!

I. So. Can’t. Wait.

I just realised something.  What if Singapore hasn’t screened it by April, and Aussie runs have ended by then?  My heart would shatter. =(


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valentine’s tree

I know valentine’s is over, but this is easy easy idea was just too good to pass up on being blogged about!

Mr C and I chanced upon this tree decoration put up for Valentine’s at one of the marina clubs. 

pretty pretty pink-white tree

pretty pretty pink-white tree

It’s simply tree branches (probably recycled from Chinese New Year decorations) painted pink.  And then some creative person used a facial cotton square, twisted the end of it and stuck it on the branches, creating a white cotton “bud” on the tree.  Repeat with many more facial cotton squares and you have a whole tree looking somewhat pussy-willow-like, but not quite.

white cotton "buds"

Really cool and it looked really pretty in the white lobby of the club. =)

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