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We have a winner!

Yay!  cookiefleur‘s first giveaway contest was a tiny success!  There were more participants than I expected, and I thank all of you who entered! =D  Thanks for the love!!!

It has really been encouraging and I think I will definitely try to see if I can do more giveaways in future!

The Prize!

The Prize!

Using Random.org, the winner of cookiefleur’s first giveaway contest is…


Congratulations Shelley!  I will be contacting you for details to send the Bella Headband to you soon!

YAY again!!! =D


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ice cream on french toast

Sounds like a great combination, but no, this post isn’t about how to make french toast accompanied by ice cream…  although, I must try it… =)

I found French Toast Girl some time back now, and actually feel guilty about not sharing her with you.  I love French Toast Girl because she has some wonderful watercolor illustrations.  Its the kind I like – pretty, with a dash of cutesy and really really gorgeous script.

And since I’m seemingly back on a regular blogging schedule, I guess now’s the time to share. =)

Presenting… French Toast Girl – with the illustration that made me fall in love:

And do check out her Everyday in May entries where she chronicled progress on some of her artwork.

Now… off to the kitchen for some ice cream on french toast.

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I’ve found an awesome website that I must MUST share!

storage glee

Storage | Glee is a collection of ideas for storage solutions/designs and it is chockful of wonderfulness!  Some are awesomely “why haven’t I thought of that?“, others are “just pretty to look at“, and then there are those that are “seriously brilliant” ideas.

And of course, those that I can’t wait to try out for the new home.

Love, love, LOVE!

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I have a whole lot of ribbon organizing to do. *groan*

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One of my suppliers for cookiefleur products is Ribbons Galore, by Fiona Carter.  Their ribbons are always the highest quality, and I’ve never had anything but good and efficient service from them.

Fiona also has a wonderful blog – living on the crafty side of life, and it is filled with all sorts of crafty goodness.  She recently made some lovely paper lanterns for her daughter, Emily’s birthday and when I saw them, I thought they would be just PERFECT for Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn’s tomorrow and there’s no party at my place this year… but by next year, I hope I’ll get to decorate our new pad with all these lovely lanterns strung through out for a smashing reunion party, drinking Long Jing Chinese tea and eating mooncakes!

For those having a headache with last minute decor, these lanterns don’t seem too hard to put together.  Fiona uses sheets of 12″ by 12″ paper and of course, some ribbon!  Have fun!

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We’ll be getting the keys to our new home in less than 2 months time! YAY!!!

Today, I’m loving these images from Desire to Inspire.

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