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Remember this?

trains for easter

It became this:

portrait of a bunny as a young bunny

Found inspiration from LollyChops‘ Big Time Bunny Week posts where she posted bunny crafts for a full week and even shared some free downloads – Easter labels and bunny templates!  LollyChops, you rock!

I saw LollyChops’ Binky Bunny template and knew instantly that I wanted to make some Easter bunny softies for Baby K and Baby E.  So I went off to find some boy-themed interlock fabric and found that too-perfect-to-be-true choo choo train fabric.  Seems like all the little boys I know love Thomas the Train… so, yes, it was perfect.

I enlarged the template to the size I wanted, printed it out then transferred it onto the fabric.



I blanket stitched around the sides, left a little opening, stuffed it with hobby fill and a sprinkling of lavender (they smell really good), then continued with the blanket stitch to close.

3 easter bunny softies completed in an afternoon (made an extra for Sis):


I then tied a navy ribbon to complete them… and babyhippo decided to make a new friend.



Hippo-bunny HUG!

Do check out LollyChops for more awesome bunny crafts on Big Time Bunny Week.


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It’s the first day of Spring!  Think flowers blooming, birds chirping, green grass everywhere… and a pink baby hippo!

Yes, formally introducing you to babyhippo!  He’s Swedish and will be a regular feature on this blog. =D


babyhippo models an unfinished petite cookiefleur as a festive spring hat


although, at first he thought they were spring sweets and wanted to eat them.  he blushed when he realised his mistake, but you probably can’t see his blush cos he’s pink already anyway

ps: the petite cookiefleur will be made into a hair pin and will be available at my etsy shop this weekend: cookiefleur.etsy.com

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