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I’ve been so busy with work, that I have not had the time to even start packing for Melbourne.

It seems like a situation of too many things to do, so little time!  I’ve been itching to get more accessories done to list on Etsy cos I’ve booked another slot on Etsy Accessories Showcase during the Easter weekend, but I just really haven’t been able to squeeze in the time for it amidst work and meeting up with friends for a last dindin or coffee before I leave. *catches breath* 

But I’ve still had time to surf.  Hah!  Here’s some stuff I found today:

After seeing this image at Desire to Inspire (they have the best stuff!), I think I know what I want to do with my dining area.  Am so loving that wall decal (or painted on?).  Its inspiring me to google for all the wall decals in the world. HOOHA!

And I also found some dresses and a slouchy cardigan that I like on Anthropologie




Speaking of dresses, I can’t wait to collect my Easter dress this weekend. =)


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sale: bluefly


Well, it says TODAY ONLY, but I’m not sure when “TODAY” is… 1 Feb? 2 Feb?  It’s probably 1 Feb 09 (in the States)… so hurry to www.bluefly.com before the offers all get snapped up!  There’s the SEMI-ANNUAL BLUE SALE too! So don’t forget to click on that as well! =)

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A few years back, I bought some handmade soaps online.  I’m usually icky about bar soaps cos I’m so used to liquid soap now… but I’ll never forget how luxurious the soaps were and how soft my skin felt after using them that I’ve put the icky hurdle aside. *MMMmmmm*

I don’t remember where I got them from anymore, but I recall shipping was really expensive back then (the soaps were from USA).

Today, I found some prettily marbled handmade shea butter soaps from Etsy seller copperlilly!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cocoa Butter Soap - Limited Edition

White Chocolate Raspberry Cocoa Butter Soap - Limited Edition

Shea butter is a substance made from the nuts of karite nut trees.  It is a moisturizer and emollient and is also known as an anti-inflammatory agent – shea butter has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, eczema, dandruff, and even stretch marks!

But the best thing about copperlilly’s soaps is that unrefined shea butter is used.  Why is unrefined shea butter great?  Cos it retains all its natural vitamins, especially vitamins A and E.  Stuff really good for the skin.

And there are up to 16 scents to choose from!  I’d love to try these scents: Almond Champagne, Vanilla Nut, Sparkling Ginger Fizz… the list goes on, and I can’t decide! =P

Copperlilly’s soaps retail at US$6.  After shipping, they can come up to quite an amount, costing almost S$14 per bar.  Thankfully, you can select up to 6 different scented soap bars (between 5 and 5.5 oz) and combine them into a multi-pack.  This would eventually work out to an estimated S$10 per bar of soap (inclusive of shipping).

Anyone interested to share the multi-pack of 6 with me? =)

Check out more of copperlilly’s pretty shea butter soaps:

Raspberries and Cream Shea Butter Soap

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Swallows represent loyalty, fidelity and true love because they will choose a single mate for life and will only nest with that bird and no other.

At knitrovert‘s etsy shop, I found this sweet piece:

As if you didnt know Necklace from knitrovert

"As If You Didn't Know" Necklace

The oxidized brass charm pendant reads: Je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.  How romantic! =D

*missing Mr C. loads right now*

The 19-inch necklace retails for US$18 (inclusive of shipping) – approximately S$28. 

I think its a great deal. =)

Check out knitrovert’s other pretty pieces:

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Sis saw the state of my clasp purse the other day, tsk-ed me and asked if she can give me a new one.  I still haven’t seen the new purse yet, but when I realized how dirty the purse REALLY is, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Right index finger to be precise. Heh.

So I surfed on to Etsy and look what I found!

Coral poppy silk-lined clutch bag

The clutch is a lot larger than what I would normally carry, but some of them are so gorgeous, I just want to click on that “Add to Cart” button.  There’s just something about clasp purses/clutches that I like – the oriental look, the vintage feel?  Anyway, the seller – redrubyrose uses beautiful fabric, including some limited edition ones she got bespoke printed.

They’re not cheap, but they ship direct to Singapore which is a BIG plus point (don’t have to go through vPost!).  After conversion, the clutches are between S$120 – S$165 inclusive of shipping costs. 

Here’s others which caught my eye:

Check out redrubyrose’s Etsy shop for more.

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