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I’ve found my Easter craft project! 

I had been thinking for about 2 weeks now, about how I’ll bring in some Easter mood to The Pad, and I chanced upon some gorgeous yarn wreaths on Etsy!  I adore them and can’t wait to have a go at creating my own Easter yarn wreath.

Here are some which really inspired me.  Aren’t they pretty? =)

welcome spring wreath by GoodieTrueShoes

caramel and rose cherry blossom yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

dripping in blooms purple yarn door wreath by ItzFitz

bunnies lay eggs - spring wreath by RedMarionette

mint and mustard gold bird yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

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yarn basket project

Martha Stewart's yarn basket project

This is a lovely, lovely, lovely project from Martha Stewart!

Will really want to attempt this, once I get a new sewing machine!

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Martha Stewart's Pillows Embellished with Ultrasuede Florets

Posting this for future reference.  Turns an otherwise plain looking pillow into much prettiness. Oooooooh.  Can’t wait to try this project out.

by way of.

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I’ve found an awesome website that I must MUST share!

storage glee

Storage | Glee is a collection of ideas for storage solutions/designs and it is chockful of wonderfulness!  Some are awesomely “why haven’t I thought of that?“, others are “just pretty to look at“, and then there are those that are “seriously brilliant” ideas.

And of course, those that I can’t wait to try out for the new home.

Love, love, LOVE!

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I have a whole lot of ribbon organizing to do. *groan*

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One of my suppliers for cookiefleur products is Ribbons Galore, by Fiona Carter.  Their ribbons are always the highest quality, and I’ve never had anything but good and efficient service from them.

Fiona also has a wonderful blog – living on the crafty side of life, and it is filled with all sorts of crafty goodness.  She recently made some lovely paper lanterns for her daughter, Emily’s birthday and when I saw them, I thought they would be just PERFECT for Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn’s tomorrow and there’s no party at my place this year… but by next year, I hope I’ll get to decorate our new pad with all these lovely lanterns strung through out for a smashing reunion party, drinking Long Jing Chinese tea and eating mooncakes!

For those having a headache with last minute decor, these lanterns don’t seem too hard to put together.  Fiona uses sheets of 12″ by 12″ paper and of course, some ribbon!  Have fun!

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Today marks the end of my 1st month of reopening cookiefleur on etsy with a big change in my target market group.

I made sales (more than I expected), custom listings, friends on etsy, participated in a Sunday market and it has all been very encouraging.  cookiefleur also reached 100 hearts yesterday, and that’s VERY special to me.   =)


BIG thanks go out to June (yuzurose.etsy.com) for her tips and advice.  Do check out the prettiness that is her etsy shop!  Lots of lovely hair accessories! To Ting for being my ever loyal supporter and dedicated worker (haha!), I owe you lots!

And thank you to all my customers!  I so enjoy the process of wrapping up every order, slotting them into those bubble wrap envelopes, writing the addresses on, re-checking the addresses and finally sending them off at the post office!  =D

Finally to Mr C – Thanks for just being there whenever I needed you.  cookiefleur might be really important me, but it’ll never be more important than YOU.  Love you!

This Saturday and the next one (5 Sep and 12 Sep) will see cookiefleur again at Craft Markets Australia’s Red Hill and Werribee markets respectively, do come by and say hi!

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