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Today marks the end of my 1st month of reopening cookiefleur on etsy with a big change in my target market group.

I made sales (more than I expected), custom listings, friends on etsy, participated in a Sunday market and it has all been very encouraging.  cookiefleur also reached 100 hearts yesterday, and that’s VERY special to me.   =)


BIG thanks go out to June (yuzurose.etsy.com) for her tips and advice.  Do check out the prettiness that is her etsy shop!  Lots of lovely hair accessories! To Ting for being my ever loyal supporter and dedicated worker (haha!), I owe you lots!

And thank you to all my customers!  I so enjoy the process of wrapping up every order, slotting them into those bubble wrap envelopes, writing the addresses on, re-checking the addresses and finally sending them off at the post office!  =D

Finally to Mr C – Thanks for just being there whenever I needed you.  cookiefleur might be really important me, but it’ll never be more important than YOU.  Love you!

This Saturday and the next one (5 Sep and 12 Sep) will see cookiefleur again at Craft Markets Australia’s Red Hill and Werribee markets respectively, do come by and say hi!


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Am getting ready to launch my new products on Etsy and was lucky to have Baby Alexandra pose for me today.

She was real professional about it and am really pleased with the final photos.  =)

Thanks Jenny for ‘loaning’ me your adorable daughter!

Here’s a sneak.




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i’m back!

12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road

I’m so sorry to have taken such a long break from blogging.  In the midst of settling into Melbourne, getting used to the weather (we’re officially into winter now!) and entertaining visiting friends, we went touring – Sydney (again!), Canberra, Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island, I went for a bread-making class (which I will blog about soon enough), and I have just been cooking a lot.  And I mean, A LOT.  Oh yes, and I made a pretty awesome old-fashioned chocolate cake which I’m really happy with, so I will share that very soon! So keep a lookout!

I’ve also started to babysit for a friend, so my time is better occupied now.  Mr C and I are also planning our winter holidays now, we’re thinking of going somewhere warmer and maybe also see some whales.  We’re also planning to go skiing later in winter!

So here ends my update.  I promise to blog more often. =)  Toodles!

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So here I am, finally settled in Melbourne.

The weather’s been really nice so far, pretty mild temperatures and generally sunny.  But compared to Singapore, its still cold and I’m still trying to acclimatise.

I still haven’t had time to sort out my craft stuff and looks like I won’t be able to start anytime soon – tomorrow and wednesday are set aside for Mornington and on friday, Mr C and I fly to Sydney for the weekend. =)

Mr C brought me to Pancake Parlour on Easter, just like we did 3 years ago on Easter too.  Then we went for a walk at Queen Victoria Market.  Here are snaps from my new toy – the Nikon D60.

Pancake Parlour





Queen Victoria Market









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off to oz land


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I’ve been so busy with work, that I have not had the time to even start packing for Melbourne.

It seems like a situation of too many things to do, so little time!  I’ve been itching to get more accessories done to list on Etsy cos I’ve booked another slot on Etsy Accessories Showcase during the Easter weekend, but I just really haven’t been able to squeeze in the time for it amidst work and meeting up with friends for a last dindin or coffee before I leave. *catches breath* 

But I’ve still had time to surf.  Hah!  Here’s some stuff I found today:

After seeing this image at Desire to Inspire (they have the best stuff!), I think I know what I want to do with my dining area.  Am so loving that wall decal (or painted on?).  Its inspiring me to google for all the wall decals in the world. HOOHA!

And I also found some dresses and a slouchy cardigan that I like on Anthropologie




Speaking of dresses, I can’t wait to collect my Easter dress this weekend. =)

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Daisypath Vacation Ticker

I can’t wait.  I really can’t. 2 weeks more.

The thought of being with Mr C again.  Just the 2 of us (ok, not quite, there’s Mr & Mrs T and R & C).  And really focusing on my Etsy shop.

I can’t wait to hit the craft and textile supplies stores in Melbourne. 

I just can’t wait.

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