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Might this just be the solution for unfriendly neighbours?  People who persistently ignore your presence and neighbourly smiles?  People who are just downright rude?

Maybe I will consider doing something like this and hope that this might just break the ice and be reciprocated (all I’m asking is for a smile to be returned!). 

Maybe I will make really sour lemon muffins, as a private joke, since there has been no lack of sour faces from them!  Haha!  Or I can be all sugary nice and make some awesome chocolate cupcakes.  With frosting.

Should I?

Anyway, until I decide, enjoy this free printable “hello neighbour” tag from Amanda Joy @ joy ever after.

Thanks Amanda for sharing the lovelies!

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december has arrived!

HO HO HO!  So Christmas is here!  So are parties, my birthday and a trip to Hong Kong!

December is the best month EVER. =D

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ice cream on french toast

Sounds like a great combination, but no, this post isn’t about how to make french toast accompanied by ice cream…  although, I must try it… =)

I found French Toast Girl some time back now, and actually feel guilty about not sharing her with you.  I love French Toast Girl because she has some wonderful watercolor illustrations.  Its the kind I like – pretty, with a dash of cutesy and really really gorgeous script.

And since I’m seemingly back on a regular blogging schedule, I guess now’s the time to share. =)

Presenting… French Toast Girl – with the illustration that made me fall in love:

And do check out her Everyday in May entries where she chronicled progress on some of her artwork.

Now… off to the kitchen for some ice cream on french toast.

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Who doesn’t love color pencils?

Especially when there are 500 of them and turned into an artistic wall display.

Oooohhh… this just brings back lovely childhood memories of me attacking a new box of color pencils with glee and having an inner debate with myself on which color I MUST use first.

Those childhood boxes had 36 pencils.  There’s a whopping FIVE HUNDRED here.  Ooohhh, if only I had these, everyday will be fun day except that I wouldn’t have the heart to use any of them.  Heh. =)

Go to SocialDesigner to check out the full palette.

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i’m back!

12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles @ Great Ocean Road

I’m so sorry to have taken such a long break from blogging.  In the midst of settling into Melbourne, getting used to the weather (we’re officially into winter now!) and entertaining visiting friends, we went touring – Sydney (again!), Canberra, Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island, I went for a bread-making class (which I will blog about soon enough), and I have just been cooking a lot.  And I mean, A LOT.  Oh yes, and I made a pretty awesome old-fashioned chocolate cake which I’m really happy with, so I will share that very soon! So keep a lookout!

I’ve also started to babysit for a friend, so my time is better occupied now.  Mr C and I are also planning our winter holidays now, we’re thinking of going somewhere warmer and maybe also see some whales.  We’re also planning to go skiing later in winter!

So here ends my update.  I promise to blog more often. =)  Toodles!

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I’m back from Sydney!  Had lots of fun there and really enjoyed myself. =) Thank you, Mr C for the holiday! *hugs*

Here’s a photoblog of my 4 days in Sydney with lots of food pics.  I have not had much time to do “proper” blogging, but I promise to be back soon.

dsc_0054autumn has arrived















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we arrive at dromana and this view greeted us


wasted no time and went to pick strawberries at sunny ridge

our pick!


Mr C says I look like a farmer's daughter in this shot. =D







this is for you, sis. *miss you*

this is for you, sis. *miss you*











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