Our letterpress moving announcement have arrived!  They’re perfect and I can’t ask for more.  Thanks French Press for the gorgeous job!

Remember this picture?  It is the inspiration for The Pad’s kitchen.

We went tile selecting last Friday, and I found the perfect blue I wanted for the kitchen backsplash.  Although it was over the budget allocated by our designer, we’re lucky that it is only a small area and the tiles are much larger in size than the brick-sized ones as shown in the picture, so the additional amount that we need to top up isn’t very much.

Here are the tiles we selected on Friday:

kitchen backsplash and floor tiles

living room tiles - we can't decide which yet

master bathroom tiles - loving the earthy shade

master bathroom tiles - loving the earthy shade

tiles for the common bathroom

december has arrived!

HO HO HO!  So Christmas is here!  So are parties, my birthday and a trip to Hong Kong!

December is the best month EVER. =D

this is it

These pictures from Lucy Interior Design‘s portfolio is exactly the feel/style and color that we want for The Pad – although of course, since we don’t have the same luxurious space, I really don’t know how its going to turn out.

I can’t wait for the renovations to start!

i have met miss jones…

… and now I want to own her.

bone china small paper bag vase

bone china medium paper bag vase

I cannot get over how cool these bone china vases are from Have You Met Miss Jones.

… and especially today.

pillow embellishment

Martha Stewart's Pillows Embellished with Ultrasuede Florets

Posting this for future reference.  Turns an otherwise plain looking pillow into much prettiness. Oooooooh.  Can’t wait to try this project out.

by way of.