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Today marks the end of my 1st month of reopening cookiefleur on etsy with a big change in my target market group.

I made sales (more than I expected), custom listings, friends on etsy, participated in a Sunday market and it has all been very encouraging.  cookiefleur also reached 100 hearts yesterday, and that’s VERY special to me.   =)


BIG thanks go out to June (yuzurose.etsy.com) for her tips and advice.  Do check out the prettiness that is her etsy shop!  Lots of lovely hair accessories! To Ting for being my ever loyal supporter and dedicated worker (haha!), I owe you lots!

And thank you to all my customers!  I so enjoy the process of wrapping up every order, slotting them into those bubble wrap envelopes, writing the addresses on, re-checking the addresses and finally sending them off at the post office!  =D

Finally to Mr C – Thanks for just being there whenever I needed you.  cookiefleur might be really important me, but it’ll never be more important than YOU.  Love you!

This Saturday and the next one (5 Sep and 12 Sep) will see cookiefleur again at Craft Markets Australia’s Red Hill and Werribee markets respectively, do come by and say hi!


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Unveiling my new product!  Bella Headbands!

Baby Alexandra kindly modelled for me again, and she was a star as usual.  So easy to work with.  Thanks to Mommy Jenny for loaning me the model! Heehee… =D

Please check out my Etsy store for more adorable girl hair accessories and flirty girly accessories suitable for adults too! =)



bella model1

bella model2

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Ok, so I haven’t been the most hardworking with my crafting and in fact been downright uninspired…  but lately, boosted by some well meaning comments and having done some re-thinking about direction of my products, I’ve decided to change my market segment!

So what this means is that my goods –  accessories for grown-ups, will take a backseat – not gone, just not the main focus.


I’ve started crafting the items and hope they’ll be ready soon for listing on Etsy and something else *wink*… and I hope you’ll stay tuned, and will be excited for me when I get things up and running again!

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work in progress

My Etsy shop’s been quiet lately, and I hope to add new stuff to it real soon.

Here’s a sneak on what I’ve been working on:


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Booked a slot on Etsy’s Wedding Showcase:


My first marketing attempt.

Hopefully it’ll bring more traffic to my Etsy shop: http://cookiefleur.etsy.com

And make me a sale, or at least, some convos.

*fingers crossed*

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Finally collected my self-inking stamp and I love the results. =)

Also managed to complete the packaging prototype and took some pictures of the items completed so far… pictures didn’t come out as well as I wanted, will probably re-take in daylight this weekend.






I’m getting closer to opening my Etsy shop. =)

To Dos:

  • Create at least 6 items for listing 5 completed!
  • Design cookiefleur.etsy stamp
  • Get stamp manufactured
  • Design packaging for products
  • Source for packaging materials
  • Complete packaging
  • Photograph items and packaging
  • Design etsy shop banner see it here! – www.cookiefleur.etsy.com
  • Open etsy shop

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Swallows represent loyalty, fidelity and true love because they will choose a single mate for life and will only nest with that bird and no other.

At knitrovert‘s etsy shop, I found this sweet piece:

As if you didnt know Necklace from knitrovert

"As If You Didn't Know" Necklace

The oxidized brass charm pendant reads: Je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.  How romantic! =D

*missing Mr C. loads right now*

The 19-inch necklace retails for US$18 (inclusive of shipping) – approximately S$28. 

I think its a great deal. =)

Check out knitrovert’s other pretty pieces:

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