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I’ve found my Easter craft project! 

I had been thinking for about 2 weeks now, about how I’ll bring in some Easter mood to The Pad, and I chanced upon some gorgeous yarn wreaths on Etsy!  I adore them and can’t wait to have a go at creating my own Easter yarn wreath.

Here are some which really inspired me.  Aren’t they pretty? =)

welcome spring wreath by GoodieTrueShoes

caramel and rose cherry blossom yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

dripping in blooms purple yarn door wreath by ItzFitz

bunnies lay eggs - spring wreath by RedMarionette

mint and mustard gold bird yarn wreath by KnockKnocking


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yarn basket project

Martha Stewart's yarn basket project

This is a lovely, lovely, lovely project from Martha Stewart!

Will really want to attempt this, once I get a new sewing machine!

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Martha Stewart's Pillows Embellished with Ultrasuede Florets

Posting this for future reference.  Turns an otherwise plain looking pillow into much prettiness. Oooooooh.  Can’t wait to try this project out.

by way of.

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Loving this arrangement by small stump + studio choo. It’s the perfect little perk-me-up on a rainy day.  Feeling so summery sun-shiney just looking at it. =)

For the DIY tutorial, visit Design*Sponge.

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I’ve found an awesome website that I must MUST share!

storage glee

Storage | Glee is a collection of ideas for storage solutions/designs and it is chockful of wonderfulness!  Some are awesomely “why haven’t I thought of that?“, others are “just pretty to look at“, and then there are those that are “seriously brilliant” ideas.

And of course, those that I can’t wait to try out for the new home.

Love, love, LOVE!

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I have a whole lot of ribbon organizing to do. *groan*

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This is the fabric that I will be using for my Easter craft project:

trains for easter


What do trains have to do with Easter?  Well, we’ll find out this weekend, when I complete the project. Hee.

Here are other fabrics I got today.

red-jap-cotton beige-jap-cotton pink-jap-cotton blue-jap-cotton

Aren’t they the prettiest? =)

They’re Japanese cotton for some new stuff for my Etsy shop.

Just looking at them makes me happy.  Heehee.

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valentine’s tree

I know valentine’s is over, but this is easy easy idea was just too good to pass up on being blogged about!

Mr C and I chanced upon this tree decoration put up for Valentine’s at one of the marina clubs. 

pretty pretty pink-white tree

pretty pretty pink-white tree

It’s simply tree branches (probably recycled from Chinese New Year decorations) painted pink.  And then some creative person used a facial cotton square, twisted the end of it and stuck it on the branches, creating a white cotton “bud” on the tree.  Repeat with many more facial cotton squares and you have a whole tree looking somewhat pussy-willow-like, but not quite.

white cotton "buds"

Really cool and it looked really pretty in the white lobby of the club. =)

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