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Work in progress.


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I’ve found my Easter craft project! 

I had been thinking for about 2 weeks now, about how I’ll bring in some Easter mood to The Pad, and I chanced upon some gorgeous yarn wreaths on Etsy!  I adore them and can’t wait to have a go at creating my own Easter yarn wreath.

Here are some which really inspired me.  Aren’t they pretty? =)

welcome spring wreath by GoodieTrueShoes

caramel and rose cherry blossom yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

dripping in blooms purple yarn door wreath by ItzFitz

bunnies lay eggs - spring wreath by RedMarionette

mint and mustard gold bird yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

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off to oz land


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Remember this?

trains for easter

It became this:

portrait of a bunny as a young bunny

Found inspiration from LollyChops‘ Big Time Bunny Week posts where she posted bunny crafts for a full week and even shared some free downloads – Easter labels and bunny templates!  LollyChops, you rock!

I saw LollyChops’ Binky Bunny template and knew instantly that I wanted to make some Easter bunny softies for Baby K and Baby E.  So I went off to find some boy-themed interlock fabric and found that too-perfect-to-be-true choo choo train fabric.  Seems like all the little boys I know love Thomas the Train… so, yes, it was perfect.

I enlarged the template to the size I wanted, printed it out then transferred it onto the fabric.



I blanket stitched around the sides, left a little opening, stuffed it with hobby fill and a sprinkling of lavender (they smell really good), then continued with the blanket stitch to close.

3 easter bunny softies completed in an afternoon (made an extra for Sis):


I then tied a navy ribbon to complete them… and babyhippo decided to make a new friend.



Hippo-bunny HUG!

Do check out LollyChops for more awesome bunny crafts on Big Time Bunny Week.

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This is the fabric that I will be using for my Easter craft project:

trains for easter


What do trains have to do with Easter?  Well, we’ll find out this weekend, when I complete the project. Hee.

Here are other fabrics I got today.

red-jap-cotton beige-jap-cotton pink-jap-cotton blue-jap-cotton

Aren’t they the prettiest? =)

They’re Japanese cotton for some new stuff for my Etsy shop.

Just looking at them makes me happy.  Heehee.

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