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Work in progress.


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I’ve found my Easter craft project! 

I had been thinking for about 2 weeks now, about how I’ll bring in some Easter mood to The Pad, and I chanced upon some gorgeous yarn wreaths on Etsy!  I adore them and can’t wait to have a go at creating my own Easter yarn wreath.

Here are some which really inspired me.  Aren’t they pretty? =)

welcome spring wreath by GoodieTrueShoes

caramel and rose cherry blossom yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

dripping in blooms purple yarn door wreath by ItzFitz

bunnies lay eggs - spring wreath by RedMarionette

mint and mustard gold bird yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

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this is it

These pictures from Lucy Interior Design‘s portfolio is exactly the feel/style and color that we want for The Pad – although of course, since we don’t have the same luxurious space, I really don’t know how its going to turn out.

I can’t wait for the renovations to start!

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… and now I want to own her.

bone china small paper bag vase

bone china medium paper bag vase

I cannot get over how cool these bone china vases are from Have You Met Miss Jones.

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Martha Stewart's Pillows Embellished with Ultrasuede Florets

Posting this for future reference.  Turns an otherwise plain looking pillow into much prettiness. Oooooooh.  Can’t wait to try this project out.

by way of.

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Heh.  I seem to be saying this quite frequently.  Sorry to be away from the blog for so long, but yes, I’m back again. =)

So what was I busy with?  First, I went back to work.  Then I fell pretty sick.  And amidst that, Mr C and I had to settle our new home.

We’ve collected our keys to our new home (henceforth known as The Pad), and look forward to the renovations starting soon.  So, YAY! =D

Mr C and I have also decided that we shall go to Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa, Halong & Hoi An) for our much postponed honeymoon next April, so another YAY!!

While recovering at home from my sickness (it was chronic gastritis which made me burp non stop for almost 2 whole weeks), I was trawling the pages of Etsy… what else?! Hehehe…

And, I found kitchen goodness – Retro Aprons:

LUCY small sized sunny striped retro apron by WhoaMamaVintage

LUCY Retro Apron with Removeable Bib in Plaid by WhoaMamaVintage

The CHLOE Vintage Inspired Black and White Damask Full Apron by Boojiboo

Very inclined towards the second apron! Should I??? =P

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I’ve found an awesome website that I must MUST share!

storage glee

Storage | Glee is a collection of ideas for storage solutions/designs and it is chockful of wonderfulness!  Some are awesomely “why haven’t I thought of that?“, others are “just pretty to look at“, and then there are those that are “seriously brilliant” ideas.

And of course, those that I can’t wait to try out for the new home.

Love, love, LOVE!

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I have a whole lot of ribbon organizing to do. *groan*

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