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We’ve finally moved into The Pad and with half of our stuff moved in and the kitchen fully functional, its time to get me an apron. 

Can’t find anything in the shops and so of course, I’ve turned to Etsy and shortlisted the final 2 from Boojiboo.  Here’s where I need your help.  I’ve wavered back and forth so many times between the 2 that now I’m really thoroughly confused – I don’t know with which the apron love lies anymore! 

So please vote and let me know which I should get!  HELP me please!

Red and White Large Polka Dots Apron

Ice Cream Cones Apron
Ice Cream Cones Apron











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Heh.  I seem to be saying this quite frequently.  Sorry to be away from the blog for so long, but yes, I’m back again. =)

So what was I busy with?  First, I went back to work.  Then I fell pretty sick.  And amidst that, Mr C and I had to settle our new home.

We’ve collected our keys to our new home (henceforth known as The Pad), and look forward to the renovations starting soon.  So, YAY! =D

Mr C and I have also decided that we shall go to Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa, Halong & Hoi An) for our much postponed honeymoon next April, so another YAY!!

While recovering at home from my sickness (it was chronic gastritis which made me burp non stop for almost 2 whole weeks), I was trawling the pages of Etsy… what else?! Hehehe…

And, I found kitchen goodness – Retro Aprons:

LUCY small sized sunny striped retro apron by WhoaMamaVintage

LUCY Retro Apron with Removeable Bib in Plaid by WhoaMamaVintage

The CHLOE Vintage Inspired Black and White Damask Full Apron by Boojiboo

Very inclined towards the second apron! Should I??? =P

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Step 1: Purchase a Garden-in-a-Bag from Potting Shed Creations.  Choose from wide variety which includes Basil, Mint, French Marigolds, Alpine Strawberries (wooo!)

Step 2: Mix in the enclosed packet of seed and add water. Wait for plant to grow.


Perfect for kitchen window sills. =)

Aren’t they just really pretty to look at? Definitely brings some cheer to me.

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design my kitchen


So I was surfing around to get ideas for the upcoming renos and I found my way to 2 great sites to get inspired for kitchen reno ideas!

Presenting, The Kitchen Designer and Desire To Inspire (other rooms are featured too!)

Stuff I love from the websites:

Panelled walls

copper pans

blue backsplash

blue backsplash

etched cabinetry

etched cabinetry

more etched cabinetry

more etched cabinetry

a little country living

a little country living

id love to have fresh flowers on the counter everyday

i'd love to have fresh flowers on the counter everyday

Who doesn’t love white kitchens?

Now if only our kitchen was bigger, oh the things I’d do to it.

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