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Might this just be the solution for unfriendly neighbours?  People who persistently ignore your presence and neighbourly smiles?  People who are just downright rude?

Maybe I will consider doing something like this and hope that this might just break the ice and be reciprocated (all I’m asking is for a smile to be returned!). 

Maybe I will make really sour lemon muffins, as a private joke, since there has been no lack of sour faces from them!  Haha!  Or I can be all sugary nice and make some awesome chocolate cupcakes.  With frosting.

Should I?

Anyway, until I decide, enjoy this free printable “hello neighbour” tag from Amanda Joy @ joy ever after.

Thanks Amanda for sharing the lovelies!


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Our letterpress moving announcement have arrived!  They’re perfect and I can’t ask for more.  Thanks French Press for the gorgeous job!

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We’ve commissioned our first letterpress set! =D  Moving announcements to be exact.  Searched extensively online – none to be found in Singapore, so naturally, I turned to Etsy.

I narrowed it down to 2 choices, but in the end – French Press got the vote. =)

It’s in the midst of being customised, but here’s a sneak:

Can’t wait to see the final proofs and hold it in my hands. =)

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Valentines Day Cards from Bunny Cakes

Valentine's Day Printable Cards from Bunny Cakes

Bunny Cakes has got a really nifty tool.  Printable Valentines!   Perfect in recession time!

Just download the template (pdf file) for the Class Valentines she created, print on a nice card stock, cut out the cards, sign off your name with a nice fountain pen (or if you know how to work Adobe, insert your name in a nice font) and you have ready Valentines’ to give out! =)

She’s got 3 different templates, a Zebra one, a Sweetheart one (which includes ideas on how you can use these cards) and my favourite one is shown above – Love is All You Need.

Thanks Bunny Cakes for sharing the lovely templates! Yay!

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sale: nantaka joy

Nantaka Joy "Things to Note" Notebooks

Nantaka Joy "Things to Note" Notebooks

Today only! 

Oh Joy!‘s online shop Nantaka Joy is having a “buy one, get one free” sale!  My favourites are the cards and notebooks from the color story range.  Pretty!

Welcome Baby Card







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