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Work in progress.


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Might this just be the solution for unfriendly neighbours?  People who persistently ignore your presence and neighbourly smiles?  People who are just downright rude?

Maybe I will consider doing something like this and hope that this might just break the ice and be reciprocated (all I’m asking is for a smile to be returned!). 

Maybe I will make really sour lemon muffins, as a private joke, since there has been no lack of sour faces from them!  Haha!  Or I can be all sugary nice and make some awesome chocolate cupcakes.  With frosting.

Should I?

Anyway, until I decide, enjoy this free printable “hello neighbour” tag from Amanda Joy @ joy ever after.

Thanks Amanda for sharing the lovelies!

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I’ve found my Easter craft project! 

I had been thinking for about 2 weeks now, about how I’ll bring in some Easter mood to The Pad, and I chanced upon some gorgeous yarn wreaths on Etsy!  I adore them and can’t wait to have a go at creating my own Easter yarn wreath.

Here are some which really inspired me.  Aren’t they pretty? =)

welcome spring wreath by GoodieTrueShoes

caramel and rose cherry blossom yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

dripping in blooms purple yarn door wreath by ItzFitz

bunnies lay eggs - spring wreath by RedMarionette

mint and mustard gold bird yarn wreath by KnockKnocking

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yarn basket project

Martha Stewart's yarn basket project

This is a lovely, lovely, lovely project from Martha Stewart!

Will really want to attempt this, once I get a new sewing machine!

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Ok, so I haven’t been the most hardworking with my crafting and in fact been downright uninspired…  but lately, boosted by some well meaning comments and having done some re-thinking about direction of my products, I’ve decided to change my market segment!

So what this means is that my goods –  accessories for grown-ups, will take a backseat – not gone, just not the main focus.


I’ve started crafting the items and hope they’ll be ready soon for listing on Etsy and something else *wink*… and I hope you’ll stay tuned, and will be excited for me when I get things up and running again!

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Ack! How cute is this?

This baby food jar pincushion project from CraftPudding is just too cute to pass up.  And its simple too!

Now, I just need someone who can donate an empty baby food jar to me.  Heehee… I’ll make one for you too if you give me 2 or 3 jars!! =D

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Finally collected my self-inking stamp and I love the results. =)

Also managed to complete the packaging prototype and took some pictures of the items completed so far… pictures didn’t come out as well as I wanted, will probably re-take in daylight this weekend.






I’m getting closer to opening my Etsy shop. =)

To Dos:

  • Create at least 6 items for listing 5 completed!
  • Design cookiefleur.etsy stamp
  • Get stamp manufactured
  • Design packaging for products
  • Source for packaging materials
  • Complete packaging
  • Photograph items and packaging
  • Design etsy shop banner see it here! – www.cookiefleur.etsy.com
  • Open etsy shop

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